Tuesday, July 19, 2011

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Brains and good looks too...

Please indulge me, I took 20 pictures and couldn't stop posting them.

She's probably going to be a genius. And I say this because while she was playing her baby game, she also managed to somehow open up two new tabs, did a little online shopping and sent an email. Is it possible to love someone so much it hurts?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm thinkin' I could use some help

I am not a materialistic person. The last pair of jeans I bought for myself was in January 2007. I know this because my marriage had just ended and I felt like I deserved them. I will buy a shirt every now and then (to wear with those jeans) if it's under $10. One time I found a bin with t-shirts in it at Albertson's and I got 10 shirts for $10. Man, that was a great day and Raleigh hasn't stopped teasing me about it since. Every time I wear one of them... he's all... "I like your shirt, where'd ya get it... Albertson's?" OH... and I was forced to buy stupid maternity clothes last year... but does that count-- really? because wearing them made me cry most of the time. So... no, it doesn't.

And the other problem is I kinda hate shopping. Well, for myself that is. I am the person who says "so and so has outgrown his or her pants. I will run to the mall and get them a new pair" and then I run to the mall sort of in a frenzy and find pants as fast as I can, hopefully at the first store I enter and hopefully on sale and then I run back to the car. I don't have time for shopping and it frustrates me.

Well, on our honeymoon, we did some shopping because Raleigh made me. I found a to die for skirt that I just had to have and it was DIRT cheap and then I found the perfect shoes. They were $30 and THEN they were 30% off of that. I couldn't believe it. I almost wept when I saw them. How could anyone leave them on the shelf for so long that they became 30% off? Well I couldn't. I rescued them from the Honolulu Nordstrom Rack, an island where clearly no one has ANY taste in shoes. I snatched them up. And held them close to me. Oh my gosh they are the cutest shoes I have ever seen. I love them.

And I have NEVER worn them.

If they were black, I would literally wear them every single day. However, they are blue. They are a wonderful shade of blue. It is a beautiful color. In my opinion. But to the makers of skirts and shirts everywhere-- seemingly not a beautiful color or something. Because it's almost been two years since the purchase and I have yet to find ANYTHING worthy to wear with them. I have found several-- slutty like prom dressy-- dresses. I found a cleavage revealing blouse and honestly if I had some cleavage I would have bought it. But sadly...

And so, ladies... and I guess you gents could join in too if you want to... I need you to look around when you are shopping. I challenge you to find a cute, modest skirt for me to wear with these gems. Summer is fast approaching. And IF I can manage not to get knocked up before then, I would love to finally get the chance to don my gay apparel. I am getting desperate. I am shopping challenged. I have a few talents, but that is not one of them. Ask anyone. And a fashion show I am definitely not. So help a girl out, if you can. I'd appreciate it.

I know my legs are white. But if you will excuse me, I was as big as a whale last summer and tanning/wearing a bathing suit/going outside unless absolutely necessary was not really high up on my list of priorities.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Another quick one to St. G

Thanks to comp days, we were able to take a little vaca to St. George. We started off the festivities at Garrett's baseball game. I thought I was going to watch a bunch of little boys play some little kid baseball... I was wrong. These kids are GOOD. Like really good. Garrett was recruited to play on this all star team. They look like baseball players and they play like baseball players. I was very impressed.
It was 60 degrees. But her head was cold.
We decorated Valentine's Day cookies. And beautifully I might add while the boys golfed. Ask my dad to go on and on about Raleigh's drive over the green on hole #7 with a sand wedge... cuz he will. He is so proud.
Happy Valentine's Day to me. I got a beautiful bouquet of perfect red roses and two pounds of See's Candy and Raleigh got a much needed and much earned massage.
She is so ready to walk.

But she will have better hand to eye coordination if she crawls first and I simply NEED MORE TIME!! So, we aren't as diligent as we should be in teaching her. Poor girl.

Sis discovered her voice on this trip. If all of the attention wasn't on her, she would scream. She yelled practically the entire time. At the restaurant, in Sacrament Meeting and in her sleep. It was actually pretty cute. Here are a few snapshots of the outbursting.
Oh... And she also spits now. Such a lady.

Because of the Parade of Homes, the town is a populatory nightmare. There are 2 million too many people here. Just going to the store is a traffic disaster. Forget eating out. So we went to Chuck A Rama. "Because Raleigh loves buffets". And I want everyone to notice the squash on his plate. I tried not to make a big deal out of it, but that is huge.

We had a H.E.L.L of a good time as always.

Thanks for the hospitality.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

If a picture is worth a thousand words....

Then I really don't need to go on and on.... For days... Right?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Traditions..... Traditions

We hosted our second annual Superbowl party in the Lund Theater. We were so excited this year because the Colts were playing. I had to start cooking the meat 2 days before the party and as you can see Little Bit was a huge help.

We aren't gambling... why would you think we were gambling.
The spread: Cafe Rio Pork (I bought the recipe from a lady in a back alley in Salt Lake)
Spanish Rice, Black Beans, Cafe Rio Dressing (that Lindsay sold her soul to get) and Chips and for dessert... Grandma Shauna's Brownies that they will serve in Heaven and now I can't eat for a week because I gained 10 pounds eating them.
All the kids made homemade pizzas upstairs and then played hide and seek
Poor Brayden was sick. Brian told him he looked like death. I think if his hair was shorter he wouldn't look so ill.
The group photo
Lincoln and Ethan kicked it on Brayden's bed and watched High School Musical
Brian and Tierra wore their Denver jerseys in protest. And Brian and Shauna were the only Saints lovers...whatever.
It was a really fun night even though Peyton forgot to show up for the game.
Maybe next year... sigh

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mama says "Crazy is as crazy does"

So it's official. I have lost my mind.
I have tried for years to joke it off. That way I can do bizarre things but seem like I am still with it because I am aware of my craziness and I have pre-warned everyone.

In my defense (and trust me I need one) I do in fact have several children, who go this way and that at all hours of the day. And each of them think they are my favorite and each of them think that they are the center of the universe and so I must drop everything and cater to their every whim. And I try to.

I do work full time.

And I think I may have a few spazzy post pregnancy hormones that have taken up permanent residency and are refusing to leave.

And maybe I should try to blame it on any one of those things. So as to avoid the expense and the embarrassment of my husband or my mother having me committed to the loony bin.

But on Friday night as I was making dinner, I realized that I had forgotten to purchase a major part of the meal. And so in a frenzy, I ran to the store and bought the item and raced back before the entire meal was a total loss. And I parked my car in the garage, put the door down, went inside, finished dinner, fed the baby, did a load of laundry and all the while, my car was in the garage RUNNING. Yep, filling up our home with I am sure carbon monoxide gasses, not to mention wasting gasoline.

Who does that?? Who gets out of the car and doesn't notice that it is on? Who can't hear that the car is on? Who can't see the lights are still on. Who can't hear it while she is in the kitchen cooking?

A freaking lunatic... that's who.

Poor Raleigh. He just grabbed me and hugged me and stroked my hair and told me I'd be okay someday. And then made a secret call to the State Hospital to see if they had any openings. I will see you all in three to five.